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Water Resources

Communities around the world are challenged to find effective ways to provide dependable water supplies, and to restore the water we use to continue sustaining the natural environment.

As a pioneer in the industry, our company’s reputation has been built by engineering custom solutions to challenging projects, both domestically and internationally. Our expertise in dams and reservoir designs along with development of applications for the management of water resources has led us to be leaders in our field of work.

On the Island of Crete in Greece, shortage of water in the coastal area of northern Crete and its capital, Heraklion, caused serious problems that affected both inhabitants and tourists. The solution lied in the creation of an earth dam and a reservoir on the Aposselemis river, onsite water treatment and its storage and transfer of the treated water in combination with the rational exploitation of the existing groundwater resources.

The site of the Douera dam is located approximately 2 km south-west of Douera and approximately 17 km south-west of Alger. The dam will cover the irrigation needs of the area of Mitidja (17,200 ha) and will also reinforce the potable water needs of the city of Algiers.

The scope of the DIAY project was the development of applications for the management of water resources of the study area (Northern Greece), which constituted the main administrative tool for the formation and further periodical update of the Management Plans of Water Resources per River Basin in accordance with the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC.

Related Projects

Development of Systems & Tools

Construction Drawings and Supervision of Works

Project Management & Technical Consultant

Water Supply through natural springs and artificial dam / reservoir

Technical Assistance & Supervision

Geological and Geotechnical Investigations, Detailed Design and Tender Documents

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