The strength of our firm comes from a group of professionals with many years of technical and management experience who are actively involved in projects to assure the highest level of customer satisfaction. The entire staff is committed to conceiving the best project for the client and the stakeholders. The company adheres to the multi-disciplinary team concept and has extensive experience in managing complex endeavors.

The company's aim is to maintain a highly qualified professional and technical staff. ENM SA  has grown to a

current full-time staff of more than 20  professionals, including hydraulic, geo-technical, structural, environmental, surveying,  construction management specialists, geologists, economists, GIS specialists.

The firm cooperates with a wide range of highly experienced electrical-mechanical engineers, transportation engineers, urban planners, agronomists and biologists, according to each project’s requirements.

Staff of Professionals
Vassilis Papalexopoulos

Civil-Hydraulic Engineer NTUA

Environmental Engineer MSc
Head of Engineering Department

Over 30 years experience in water supply networks, water treatment, wastewater collection and wastewater treatment, flood control and dams. Expertise includes storm-water networks and irrigation systems. Head of Hydraulic Team in numerous significant projects worldwide.

Civil/Hydraulic Engineer MSc

Executive Board Member

Over 20 years experience in hydraulic studies (dams, water supply, sanitation and flood control etc.), geotechnical studies, Technical Assistance to Water and Sewage Authorities for design, construction or design/construct projects and Project management, project monitoring, construction supervision in Greece and other countries such as Lebanon, Algeria, U.A.E., Oman, Albania, Libya etc.

Kiriakos Lalas

Civil Engineer

Over 25 years experience in design and management of construction of waste water, water supply, irrigation and drainage networks, flood protection works, hydraulic networks of water parks, pumping stations, earth dams and supporting of excavations (steel sheet piles / concrete piles).

Lisa Bensasson

Civil / Hydraulic Engineer NTUA

Environmental Engineer DIC, MSc
Head of Environmental Department

Over 20 years of experience in water supply and treatment, wastewater treatment, water management, design of hydraulic works and environmental studies, in Greece and abroad. Hydraulic, hydrologic & water management modeling. Coordinator for multidisciplinary teams and innovative projects, involving Client training and public consultation procedures. Expertise in Environmental Protection and Water Resource Management, including Implementation of EU water policy. 

Pantelis Papadakis


15 years technical experience including geological - hydrogeological mapping, geotechnical research, collection and processing of hydrological data, statistical analysis and presentation of geotechnical field trials and laboratory tests.

Avraam Bensasson

Civil/Hydraulic Engineer  NTUA

General Manager & President

Executive Board Member

Over 50 years experience in Project Management for the implementation of large projects in the water and waste water sectors, planning & design of water supply and sanitation systems (aqueducts, networks, flood protection works, treatment plants and effluent disposal), Technical Assistance to Water and Sewage Authorities during design, construction or design/construct projects, FIDIC contract management, EC procedures, Cohesion Fund financing and rural and agricultural development (water resources,  irrigation & drainage,  dams,  rural roads,  flood control, etc).

Nikolaos Tziralis

Civil-Hydraulic Engineer NTUA


Executive Board Member

Josephine Terese Vitali

Civil Engineer / Hydraulic Engineer MSc

20 years experience in the elaboration of tender design, preliminary design, detailed engineering design and preparation of tender documents for Hydraulic and Environment Protection Projects:  Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants (extensive experience of WWTP processes (biological and chemical treatment, Nitrification – Denitrification, Bio-P removal) and design), Water Treatment Plants, Runoff Control and Flood preventing water works, Water Drainage Networks and wastewater networks in urban areas, Water distribution in urban areas and Sanitary Landfill Design and Leachates treatment plants.

Maria Panagou

Surveying / Hydraulic Engineer NTUA
Geo-Informatics MSc NTUA

Surveying Engineer (N.T.U.A), MSc Geoinformatics, class C degree in category 13 (Hydraulic studies), class A degree in Category 16 (Surveying studies), with 15 years experience in Design of Hydraulic works, Hydrology, Storm water drainage, Sewage systems, Road drainage, Flood protection works, Water supply, Tendering procedures and Project Management.

Ioanna Dilari

Technical Civil Engineer

AutoCad Designer

Over 25 years of experience in AutoCad designs.  Areas of expertise include AutoCad and CIVIL 3D designs in Technical Hydraulic and Civil Engineering, Sewage and Stormwater networks, dams, wastewater treatment plants, water supply and irrigation projects.

Demetra Nikolopoulou-Exarchou

BSc in Applied Psychology, Loyola U. Chicago

Tendering Coordinator/Quality Compliance

& Human Resources Manager

With several years of experience in the field of Quality Control and Human Resource Management in Greece and abroad, Mrs. Nikolopoulou has become a vital member of the ENM team.  Main duties also include coordination of tenders in Greece and abroad and administration in quality compliance and human resources. 

Chief Financial Officer

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of finance, cost control, project management and financial studies Mr. Vasilikos is currently Chief Financial Officer and Executive Board Member of ENM.  He has been a member of the ENM staff since 1988 and has played a vital role in the company’s growth and development throughout the years.

Ioanna Athanasopoulou

Senior Accountant

Over 20 years experience in the fields of accounting, cost control, treasury and financial management.  Responsible for accounting and reporting to the CFO and to Controlling.

Voula Xagorari

Financial Department Support

Over 20 years experience in administrative support to the financial & accounting department. Responsible for Contract preparation and follow-up.

Konstantina Alexandri

Secretarial Support

With more than 25 years experience in secretarial support, Mrs. Alexandri has become head secretary of ENM carrying out support for studies in Greece and abroad.  Being a member of the ENM team from the beginning of her career, Mrs. Alexandri is part of the core of the company.

Anna Belia

Secretarial Support

With more than 25 years experience in secretarial support, Mrs. Belia is head secretary for all projects carried out in Algeria and abroad.  Being with ENM since 1988, Mrs. Belia has become imperative in the daily operation of the company.  She has been deeply involved in in offer preparation for projects abroad.

Maria Podara

Secretarial Support / Archive

With over 25 years with ENM, Mrs. Podara has played an essential role in the departments of secretarial support and archive management.  Her experience with the daily functioning of ENM has proven valuable throughout the years. 

Konstantinos Kantzouras

IT Technical Support

Mr. Kantzouras has been responsible for complete daily operational support to all personnel and is also managing software setups, hardware upgrades  and emergency recovery of systems in case of failures.

Legal Department

Nicholas Watkins

Senior Counsel

Nicholas is an English qualified Barrister who has worked throughout the world and lived in a variety of countries in private practice notably, Litigation and Arbitration and, as General Counsel to “blue chip” multi-nationals in the Financial Services, Private Banking, Luxury Goods, Energy, Infrastructure and Shipping, “Pharma grade” and specialised Nutrition and Medical Devices sectors. Prior to joining ENM in 2011, he was Foreign Law Consultant and Practice Manager to one of Brazil’s most reputed law firms.

Nicholas has an extensive practice with emphasis on cross-border commercial transactions, international litigation and dispute resolution, Intellectual Property, fiscal planning, supply chain risk management and regulatory issues.


Nicholas has a first degree in Modern Languages and speaks and writes French, Italian and Portuguese and working spoken German.

Konstantina Mavrogianni

Senior Associate

Konstantina graduated from the Faculty of Law of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 1993.


Since then, she has specialised and accumulated a wealth of experience through advising and representing  major clients in the high value Infrastructure and construction fields; contractors, engineers, developers and architects alike, to Supreme Court level.


She played an important role in advising the main Greek contractor to the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.


Konstantina, is a Senior Associate with ENM and works principally from its Athens branch. In addition to her advisory and High Court practice, Konstantina also prepares and advises on Tender Bids in the construction, engineering and international energy sectors.

Konstantina has been a Member of the Athens Bar Association since 1995 and speaks English and French.

Aggelos Morphopoulos

Senior Associate

Aggelos is an associate to ENM and specializes in Greek Civil Procedure Law, Company Law, Public Works Law, Anti-trust Law, Labor Law, Intellectual Property law.


After 17 years of practice, he currently has a broad spectrum of successful practices in corporate law, advising on mergers and bankruptcies, creating joint ventures and commercial contracts.


He has participated in large lawsuits, before the Greek Courts over the past seventeen years. Litigation practice includes representing clients before the Greek Administrative Court’s in relation to public procurement and public works but also before Civil Courts for claims and to provide preventive measures in cases of varying content.

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