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Sep. 2015
Jan. 2014
Oct. 2013
Start of new project "Tsiknias"; water supply for the island of Lesvos (dam  & supply network,)  Aegean sea, Eastern Greece
Sep. 2013
Start of new project "Dipotamia"; irrigation network, Northern Greece
May 2013

Flood Control, Water Supply & Sanitation Networks, Irrigation system

Integrated regeneration program, restructuring and development of the Faliron Coast area to re-establish continuity between the city and the sea in accordance with the Cultural Center S. Niarchos facilities (National Opera, National Library and Cultural / Educational Park).​

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Towards The Pumping Station of Ain Kercha

The project is part of the Beni Haroun hydraulic system which consists of the transfer of the water of the dams Boussiaba and of Beni Haroun towards the reservoir of Oued Atmania which is the start of this project. The object of the Beni Haroun water transfer system is to provide potable and industrial water to the...

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