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Water Supply from Aposselemis Dam, Crete

Project Management & Technical Consultant

Project Details

Construction Cost:

Year of Completion:



€ 144m


Island of Crete, Greece

Services Rendered

Technical Assistance of the project, in particular:
• Study for the management of the water resources  • Additional geological and hydrogeological studies  • Checking of the previous studies  • Financial Proposal to the EU and monitoring reports  • Environmental impact assessment studies.  • Evaluation of results & water analyses  • Leakage control programmes • Modification of the plans and Tender Documents concerning the Aposselemis Dam  • Checking and evaluation of the complementary investigations  • Study for a Water Conservation Program

The management of the water
resources for the Aposselemis River basin and the Lassithi Plateau on the island of Crete has the objective of reinforcing the water supply system for the towns of Heraklion and Agios
Nikolaos. Shortage of water in the coastal area of northern Crete and its capital, Heraklion, causes serious problems that affect both inhabitants and tourists.

The solution lies in the creation of an earth dam and a reservoir on the Aposselemis river, onsite water treatment, its storage and transfer of the treated water in combination with the rational exploitation of the existing groundwater resources.
Additionally, an integrated programme for reducing water losses in the existing distribution networks has been examined.

Overall, Project Management and Technical Assistance focused on : Management of  water resources, additional hydrogeological studies, Environmental Impact Asessment  (Natura 2000), leakage control programmes, proposal for establishment of a Water Resources Management
Authority and a Water Supply Works Management Organisation, Construction Supervision.

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Technical Assistance & Supervision

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