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ENM SA has the capability to successfully complete projects from feasibility studies, such as surveys and investigations, to construction supervision, trial operation and project evaluation.

Expert services rendered include:

  • Studies and Designs ranging from Conception to Construction drawings
  • Master Plans
  • Tender Documents
  • ‘Good for Construction’ Drawings
  • Technical Consulting Services during Project Implementation
Faliron Bay
Douera Dam
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control Programmes and Project’s Quality Assurance
  • Project Operation, Maintenance Procedures & Manuals
  • Training Programmes for Operating Staff
  • Maintenance Programmes
  • Cost / Benefit Analysis, Risk Identification & Analysis, Cost Control
  • Client Support towards Project Financing Agencies
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Mitigation Measures.
  • Organisation & Monitoring of Pilot Plants
Psyttalia Wasewater Treatment Plant
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