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Douera Irrigation Dam, Algeria

Construction Drawings and Supervision of Works

Project Details

Construction Cost:

Year of Completion:



€ 43.8m


Douera, Algeria

Services Rendered

• Construction drawings
• Supplementary Design of Douera dam and of the small dams A&B
• Supervision of works
• Final Inspection and taking over

The site of the Douera dam is located approximately 2km south-west of Douera and approximately 17km southwest of Alger. The catchment basin covers an approximate area of 10km². The dam will cover the irrigation


 needs of the area of Mitidja (17,200 ha) and will also reinforce the potable water needs of the city of Algiers. The embankment consists of a watertight clay core and of two shells of earth materials with an embankment height

of 75m, a crown length of 820m and a reservoir volume of 87,000,000m³. The volume of the excavations is 2,000,000m³, backfillings 6,500,000m³ and concrete for structures 21,500m³.

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Project Management & Technical Consultant

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