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Feneos Valley, Peloponnese, Integrated Rural Development

Water Supply through natural springs and artificial dam / reservoir

Project Details

Construction Cost:

Year of Completion:



€ 67.8m


Feneos, Peloponnese, Greece

Services Rendered

• Master plan
• Preliminary and final design
• Tender documents
• Environmental impact study and Technical Assistance during construction of the Doxa earth dam

The water supply will be assured by the exploitation of existing natural springs, underground aquifers and an artificial dam/reservoir.

The implementation of the project comprises:

• Rehabilitation of existing irrigation network supplied by the natural springs (irrigated area 1,200ha)

• Construction of new irrigation and drainage networks supplied by underground waters (20 deep boreholes and 400 wells) and by the artificial dam/reservoir (irrigated area 2,800ha)
• Rehabilitation of existing karstic sinkholes
• Training works on Olvios river (max. discharge 200m³/s) for flood control


• Construction of an artificial reservoir (capacity 5.3 million m³) - earth dam 32.0m high on Doxa river
• Rehabilitation and extension of existing rural water supply systems, fed by natural springs, (total population of 2,000 inh.)
• Rural roads networks and appurtenant structure.

Related Projects

Technical Assistance & Supervision

Geological and Geotechnical Investigations, Detailed Design and Tender Documents

Development of Systems & Tools

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