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Climatic Effects

Due to the enormous effect of the climatic change our generation is duly faced with, we globally are challenged to find effective ways to provide dependable water supplies, to protect our environment from natural disasters and to restore the water we use to continue sustaining the natural environment.

To help prevent major flood damage subsequently caused by record-breaking forest fires in the Attica area in Greece, our company was appointed to provide Stormwater Management and flood control works throughout the Attica area.

In the area of Attica, Greece, training of the Erasinos river was necessary in order to protect from flooding urban areas and infrastructures of involved Municipalities, the Horse Racecourse built for the Olympic Games 2004 in Markopoulo, the New Athens International Airport and the Archaeological site of Vravrona Temple in the area of the Erasinos outfall in the sea.

The objectives of the Water & Soil Conservation Project in Tunisia were to stop erosion by controlling flooding by the integrated management of the drainage basins,  to use the quantities of water normally lost for the domestic, agricultural and other requirements of the local population and finally to protect downstream infrastructure from flooding and silting of major works. The project was applied to almost all regions of Tunisia and was implemented within the framework of the National Plan for Water and Soil Conservation in the year 2000. The Plan reviewed the use of surface water resources and integrated basin development schemes.

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