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Iassio Dam Construction, Thrace, Greece

Technical Assistance & Supervision

Project Details

Construction Cost:

Year of Completion:



€ 17.3m


Thrace, Greece

Services Rendered

• Technical assistance
• Supervision of construction
• Construction quality control
• Monitoring of physical and financial progress

The scope of the contract is the provision of technical assistance and supervision services for the construction of the Iassio dam. The object of the construction contract is the construction of the Iassio dam which, when completed will provide 22.6 million m3 of water for the irrigation needs of the downstream plains (5,000

ha) and reduce pumping from strained aquifers and relevant salt intrusion.
Along with the dam and the appurtenant structures the contract includes the construction of the necessary local road network as well as the transfer of the river Pontikorema (tunnel, L=2.5km, D=3,500mm). The Iassio Dam is an Earthfill - Rockfill dam

with an impermeable clay core and the following characteristics:
• Dam height : 51m from natural streambed
• Length of crest: 400m
• Total volume of dam fill (dam and cofferdam): 1.40 x 106m3
• Reservoir net volume: 22.6 x 106m3

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