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El Ouldja Irrigation Dam, Algeria

Geological and Geotechnical Investigations, Detailed Design and Tender Documents

Project Details

Construction Cost:

Year of Completion:



€ 250m


Khenchela, Algeria

Services Rendered

Geological, geotechnical, geophysical investigations and topographical works

Studies : hydrological, geotechnical, geological, of seismicity, of alternatives, environmental and water quality, of the risk in case of dam rupture, of the catchment basin, profitability, hydraulic model

Detailed Design

Tender Documents.

The project consists of the El Ouldja dam and auxiliary works. The site of the El Ouldja dam in the Oued El Arab is located approximately 80 km south-west of Khenchela, the main city

of the prefecture of Khenchela.

El Ouldja dam will be used for the irrigation needs of the area.


The technical characteristics of the dam


• Catchment basin area : 1,333km2

• Height (max) : 88.85m

• Type : RCC

• Total capacity : 90.10 Hm3

• Capacity (usable) : 59.00 Hm3

Related Projects

Development of Systems & Tools

Construction Drawings and Supervision of Works

Project Management & Technical Consultant

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