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ENM Consulting Engineers SA (ENM SA), founded back  in 1962 as Exarchou & Nikolopoulos Ltd, is amongst the leading consulting engineering firms in Greece. Affiliated with ENB Consulting Engineers Overseas SA (ENB SA) founded 1986, both are renowned for their high quality professional services in undertaking the most complex projects in the field of engineering. Retaining an outstanding financial credibility, ENM SA is distinguished as one of the most reputable and acclaimed companies in the greek market.

ENM's staff consists of registered professional engineers trained in hydraulic-, geotechnical- and structural engineering, environmental management as well as of experts in project & construction management, cost estimating specialists and administrative personnel.

As a company that specializes in designing and managing large hydraulic engineering works, ENM SA has become one of the leading firms called upon for hydraulics related issues.  With decades of multi-

disciplinary engineering experience in dealing with a variety of difficult technical projects, ENM SA has built a solid reputation in managing complex tasks and providing integrated solutions, both domestically and internationally.

Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of services, from conceptual planning and feasibility studies, to the preparation of final designs and construction drawings. We also provide consultancy services during construction, including quantity and cost estimates, tendering & contract administration, construction supervision and overall project management.

As a member of the LEEAD Consulting Group, ENM is part of an industry-leading team dedicated to providing high caliber services worldwide in the entire spectrum of architecture, engineering, construction contract and project management with long-standing experience and high quality expertise in the fields of Project Design, Project & Construction Management and and Contract Consulting.

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