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National Plan for Water & Soil Conservation, Tunisia

Technical Assistance Missions

Project Details

Construction Cost:

Year of Completion:



€ 56m



Services Rendered

Technical Assistance Missions (agro-economists, rural engineers, sociologists) providing:
• Project management and monitoring
• Financial management
• Construction monitoring
• Training
• Creation of farmer’s association
• Ensure participation of women

The implementation of the project took place within the framework of the National Plan for Water and Soil. Conservation was made in the year 2000. The Plan reviews the use of surface water resources and integrated basin development schemes. The objectives of the project were to stop


erosion by controlling flooding by the

integrated management of the drainage basins, to use the quantities of water normally lost for the domestic, agricultural and other requirements of the local population, finally the protection of downstream infrastructure from flooding and silting

of major works was included in this project. It was applied to almost all regions of Tunisia and consisted of: construction of 275 hill side reservoirs of an average capacity of 50,000m³ of water, construction of 300 flood control works by retention 600 works for aquifer recharge, anti-erosion protection works.

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