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Erasinos River Basin Phase 1 & 2, Attica, Greece

Training & Management

Project Details

Services Fee:

Year of Completion:



€ 560,000

2001 - 2008

East Attica, Greece

Services Rendered

Phase I
• Survey and geological/geotechnical investigations
• Preliminary Design for the training of Erasinos river in the section between the sea outfall (Gulf of Vravrona) and the boundaries of the new Athens airport in Spata
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Establishment of Management Unit

Phase II
• Detailed Design
• Mathematical model

The Erasinos river flows through the Mesogeia plain, in  the eastern side of the City of Athens, and lies in the floodplain of the newly built new Athens international Airport

Its catchment area is about 204 km² which results into a  flood discharge of

400 m³/s following a flood  regulation using two artificial lakes. The training of the Erasinos river was necessary in order to protect from flooding the current and future, namely: urban areas and infrastructures of involved  Municipalities, the Horse Racecourse

built for the Olympic Games 2004 in Markopoulo, the New Athens international Airport  and the Archaeological site of Vravrona Temple in the area of the Erasinos outfall in the sea.

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