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Oruro City Flood Prevention and Regulation, Bolivia

TDPS Hydrographic system - Sub-programme OBRAS

Project Details

Construction Cost:

Year of Completion:



€ 2.7m


Oruro City Area, Bolivia

Services Rendered

• Technical Assistance

Supervision of construction of works

Assistance to the administration department of CORDEOR and the procurement of equipment

Assistance to all relevant local Authorities

Training of local personnel

The sub-programme works included, initially as emergency works, the dredging of the western branch of the Desaguadero river between lakes Uru Uru and Poopo, thus facilitating the water flow and preventing inundation of the lower zones of Oruro city and the areas and roads around lake Uru Uru. The emergency works were defined through a mission of experts in August 1987.

New studies showed that severe

flooding of various areas in the Oruro Prefecture was caused by the high discharge of the river as well as their distribution pattern between their branches, which was changed during the recent years in the La Joya sector.


The objective of the sub-programme is the protection of the inhabitants around the city of Oruro, as well as the agro pastoral lands and the infrastructure systems (roads and railways) and also,

to ensure the availability of water for irrigation and the maintenance of the ecological balance in lake Uru Uru.


The Technical Assistance comprised one hydraulic engineer as co-director for a period of 2 years with head office in Oruro, as well as short missions by experts in the fields of river morphology, mechanical engineering and administration.

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