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Kifissos River Basin Management

Training and Flood Control – Phases I & II

Project Details

Construction Cost:

Year of Completion:



€ 43.6m


Attica Prefecture, Greece

Services Rendered

• Surveys and Investigations (geological and geotechnical)
Identification Study and Master Plan
Formulation of the institutional unit for the river basin management
Preliminary Design (small dams and embankments)
Mathematical Model (HEC-1 software)
Environmental Impact Study
Detailed  Design of 15 dams (h=7 to 29 m)
Detailed Design of river training works

The Kifissos river (catchment area: 430km2) is the main recipient of the Athens (4,000,000 total population) basin stormwater discharges. The river, from Kokkinos Mylos up to the sea, about 16km, has been partially trained in the past for discharges of 700, 900, 1100, and 1400m3/s and return period of 1:50 years. These discharges in the Saronicos Gulf were considered low for current conditions and existing river

training was being re-examined for

flood regulation of the upstream (mountainous) part of the river catchment area.
The main scope of the project is:
• the construction of 15 small dams (including the dams : Kifissos 3A , h=29m, Kifissos 4, h=20m, Kifissos 6, h=18m, Kifissos 7, h=18.5m) and embankments in the high river catchment area in order to protect the

downstream areas of Athens along the

trace of the river until the outfall in the

Saronicos Gulf.
• intervention in order to avoid contamination from urban and industrial sewage in the river.
• establishment of institutional unit for the river basin management (participation member will be the Ministry of Environment and Public Works, the municipalities along the river and private firms).

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