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Paute Region Rehabilitation, Ecuador

Technical Assistance, Emergency Response & Rural Development

Project Details

Construction Cost:

Year of Completion:



€ 15.5m


Paute, Ecuador​

Services Rendered

• Design and supervision of Paute river training and related works for flood control
• Participation in geotechnical studies and investigations
• Participation in community development projects (houses, schools, social centres, infrastructure, etc.)
• Tender Documents
• Design, tender documents and supervision of construction of the slope stabilisation works
• Administration and management of the works contracts

On March 29th 1993, on the ridge of Cerro Tamuga Mountain at an  altitude of 2,300 m in the Andes, a major landslide occurred (30,000,000 m³) causing the death of more than 100 people and obstructing the course of  river Paute thus creating an artificial lake of 200,000,000 m³. This lake disrupted all ground communications in the affected region and caused severe flooding in the city of Paute. To face this danger, the Ecuadorian Army bombed the core of the landslide, destroyed it and provoked a wave of 10,000 m³/sec

which then inunded dowstream vast portions of rural and urban area along the river Paute causing extensive damages.

The Ecuadorian Government created the “Council for the Programming of Emergency Works in the Paute River Basin” in order to perform through the “Unidad de Gestion” the necessary investigations, studies and execution of the necessary flood control works.
Within the frame of the Programme various works and interventions were

realized, including emergency works such as: the stabilization of the front slope of Cerro Tamuga (moving of 800,000 m³ of material), the training of the river Paute (with the construction of 5 grade control structures (weirs)  and 11 bridges), sanitation works and latrines, 400 houses, 20 community buildings, programmes of land rehabilitation and soil conservation (160 ha), reforestation projects (3,000 ha), 23 irrigation systems (for 3,870 ha), support to the production and training.

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