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West Cibao Region, Dominican Republic

Pilot Project for the Integrated Rural Development

The West Cibao region is inhabited by 320,000 inhabitants in a situation of extreme poverty and social marginalisation whose principal income constitutes a deterioration of the natural resources such as deforestation for charcoal or for combustibles for food preparation.
The pilot project objectives were:
improvement of farmers’ economic

situation and agricultural production, solution of the insecurity problem due to the lack of land ownership, application of the measures for natural resources conservation and erosion control, including reforestation, personnel training of all levels in the implementation of rural development projects.

Project Details

Construction Cost:

Year of Completion:





Departments of Valverde, Santiago Rodriguez, Monte Christi and Dajabon in the West Cibao region

Services Rendered

• Training of local personnel - 60 people (in research, designs, project implementation, earth dams construction, irrigation networks etc.)
• Elaboration and publication of a handbook in Spanish for the design and construction of small earth dams and reservoirs
• Elaboration of designs and execution of the preparatory works and investigations for earth dams, irrigation networks, pumping stations, rural roads, water supply etc. for the rural development
• Rehabilitation of 3 existing artificial reservoirs and corresponding irrigation networks (Las Cayas, Arroyo Caña, Caño Salado) and construction of 3 new artificial reservoirs and corresponding irrigation networks (Los Tomines, Arroyo Lajas, Los Amaceyes)
• Construction of rural roads, bridges, dwellings, social buildings, aqueducts, reservoirs for potable water, etc.
• Realisation of erosion control works and interventions (reforestation, construction of drop structures, etc.)
• Identification and planning of new sites for reservoirs

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