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West Bank & Gaza Strip Phase 1 & 2

Consultancy Services for the Municipal Support Programme (MSP)

Project Details

Construction Cost:

Year of Completion:



€ 19.5m


West Bank & Gaza Strip

Services Rendered

• Technical Assistance
• Project Management; planning, execution and monitoring of activities
• Design and Tender Documents
• Tender Evaluation
• Assistance in the  preparation of relevant municipal sector plans
• Supervision of construction
• Preparation of detailed technical specifications and procurement of specified equipment
• Training of technical department staff within the municipalities
• Identification of relevant new activities suitable for phase 3 of the MSP

Improvement of municipal infrastructure (rehabilitation and expansion of facilities) within the sectors of water supply, sewerage, stormwater, solid waste, roads and public buildings in the following selected municipalities:

Rafah, Khan Younis, Gaza, Hebron, Jenin, Ramallah and Nablus (total of about one million inhabitants).

Water supply sector: Rehabilitation and construction of water supply distribution networks, reservoirs and pumping station.

Sewerage sector: installation of sewerage network (concrete and PVC pipes) Transportation Sector: Rehabilitation and construction of about 40 km of roads, including stormwater drainage and construction of retaining walls.

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