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​Tombwa Water Supply System, Angola

Rehabilitation and Construction of a new distribution system

Project Details

Construction Cost:

Year of Completion:



€ 5.2m


Tombwa, Angola

Services Rendered

Preliminary investigations

Final design
• Tender Documents
• Economic/tariff study including proposals for the organisation of the water supply department and environmental analysis

The construction of a new and updated water supply system was essential in order to replace the debilitated structure that provided water to the city
of Tombwa. The Republic of Angola and the European Commission authorized
the construction of a new water supply

system for the inhabitants of Tombwa in an effort to provide the city with potable water in sufficient quantity.

The project consisted of two phases: Rehabilitation of existing main conveyance conduit and reservoirs,

construction of a new distribution system comprising of a disinfection installation, a conveyance conduit, distribution networks with asbestos cement pipes as well as the necessary appurtenances.

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