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Southern Grenada Water Supply

Technical Study

Project Details

Construction Cost:

Year of Completion:





Southern Grenada, Caribbean

Services Rendered

• Assessment of existing situation
• Preliminary Design
• Supervision of topographical surveys
• Final Design
• Tenders Documents for works, services and supply contracts
• Financing Proposal for EC (EDF) funding
• Assistance with Tender Review, Evaluation and Contract Award

The water supply system in Grenada (100,000 pop.) is old, the quantity and quality of potable water are insufficient.  Leakage is in the order of about 50% in most water supply systems.

The objective of the project is to rehabilitate / replace water supply transmission and distribution pipelines in Southern Grenada so that leakage is reduced to about 20% and to improve potable water quality by the upgrading / provision of necessary equipment for

seven water treatment plants:

​• Annandale (460m3/hr),
• Mardi Gras (46m3/hr),
• Les Avocats (73m3/hr),
• Windsor Forest (34m3/hr),
• Mamma Cannes (114m3/hr),
• Petit Etang (75m3/hr) and
• Pomme Rose (34m3/hr).

The rehabilitation / replacement of the water supply system pipelines (20km) concern:

• Les Avocats - Richmond Hill system: 7.5km (200mm), 660m (150mm) and

1km (100mm)

• Pomme Rose system : 600m (50 mm)
• Petit Etang water system: 1.9km (150mm) and 360m (100mm)
• Petit Etang potable water system: 4.5km (150mm) and 3.7km (100mm)


The project also involves the preparation of Terms of Reference for the leak detection programme, implementation of a hydraulic model / GIS software and training as well as supervision services.

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