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Gadoura Water Treatment Plant, Rhodes, Greece

Construction Studies and Drawings

Project Details

Construction Cost:

Year of Completion:



€ 18m


Island of Rhodes, Greece

Services Rendered

Construction Studies and Drawings

Gadoura Water treatment plant is under construction (trial operation phase. It is designed for a capacity (A’ Phase) of  60.000 m3/day (B’ Phase 120.000 m3/day).

The WTP includes the following units :
• Intake works with energy dissipator


• Rapid Mixing / Flocculation / Sedimentation tanks (lamella)
• Filtration
• Chlorination building
• Storage tank
• Potable water pumping station
• Sludge Thickening


• Dewatering unit
• Administration building
• Energy building
• Chemical building
• Water use storage
• Infrastructure works

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