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Hydraulic Design of Kasteli Airport, Crete, Greece

Flood Protection Works and Storm Water Management System

Project Details

Construction Cost:

Year of Completion:



€ 1,290,600,000


Island of Crete, Greece

Services Rendered

Flood protection and storm water management

Water Supply


Irrigation with reuse of treated wastewater

Fire Protection

A new airport is going to be constructed at Kasteli, at an area of 722Ha.  The rivers’ catchment area around the airport is 26.8km2. The airport is designed for a peak daily passenger’s demand of 65,000 and average of 57,500 passengers/day, at 2025.


The capacity of the airport for the medium scenario for 2025 is 9,700,000 passengers (1,700,000 local and 8,000,000 international).


The project includes flood protection works and storm water management system for the collection and conveyance of storm water discharges to the existing streams. The streams, which are crossing the airport area will remain in the same path, as open channels, for being the recipient of

floods from internal and external catchment areas. Kasteli aquifer will not be altered. Storm water collected from paved areas will be treated before disposal to protect the water quality of the Kasteli aquifer.


The water supply system includes water intakes from the existing boreholes in the airport area, transfer to treatment plant, two reservoirs of potable water of 2,000 m3 capacity each, pumping station for the water supply of each installation in the airport and water supply network (19km).


The wastewater system includes wastewater network (7.5km), pumping station and wastewater treatment plant for 2,500m3/day to meet the requirements of the fully developed

phase of the Airport and the surrounding settlements. The irrigation system includes two irrigation reservoirs of 2,000m3 capacity each downstream of the wastewater treatment plant, pumping station for the irrigation of each green area in the airport, irrigation water intakes from the existing boreholes in the airport area and transfer to the reservoirs and irrigation network. Treated wastewater will be reused for irrigation, meeting the requirements of the national legislation.


The fire protection system includes two reservoirs of 2,000m3 capacity each, pumping station for each installation in the airport, water intakes from the existing boreholes in the airport area and transfer to the reservoirs and fire fighting network.

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