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Al Aziziyah Settlement Infrastructure Works, Libya

Water Supply, Wastewater and Stormwater Networks

Project Details

Services Fee:

Year of Completion:



€ 450,000m


Al Aziziyah, Libya

Services Rendered

Technical Assistance to the contractor including:

• Review and amending of the design of the Housing & Infrastructure Board
• Additional required studies/designs
• Project correspondence
• Project scheduling, monitoring and reporting
• Quality Assurance and Health & Safety Procedures
• Project Meetings
• Coordination with NAHUCO, AECOM (TA to the project) and 4D Engineering Consultants (local Construction Management / Construction Supervision – CM/CS Consultant).

The project involves the construction of :
• Water supply networks (44km), including two elevated Water Tanks (25m height, 500m3 and 400m3), one Chlorination unit and a  Treated Water Tank (4,000m3), 
• Wastewater networks (28km),

approximately 10km of pressure mains and two Sewage Pumping Stations,
• Stormwater networks (5km) discharging to an open reservoir,

in the city of Al Aziziyah, about 40km south from the capital Tripoli.

The Housing & Infrastructure Board

(HIB), owner of the project, has assigned the execution of this project to the contractor National Housing & Utilities Company (NAHUCO) who has subsequently signed a contract with the contractor K.Kourtidis S.A.  ENB provides TA services to this contractor.

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